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Tiffany & Co. (colloquially known as Tiffany's) is an American luxury jewelry and specialty retailer headquartered in New York City. It sells jewelry, sterling silver, china, crystal, stationery, fragrances, water bottles, watches, personal accessories, and leather goods. Tiffany is known for its luxury goods, particularly its diamond and sterling silver jewelry.

Heather angrily mentioned, "I paid way too much for a graduation present for my daughter. The Tiffany green enamel necklace. One year later it looks dark brown and there is no way to clean it. It is permanently dark brown. Tiffany and Co will not fix or replace it. What a disappointment. What a waste of money."


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Former Employee - Support Professional says

"*Management uses individuals especially seasonal *No prospects of transitioning into a permanent position even if you do good work, they just keep you as a seasonal so they do not have to pay benefits *If you do good work be prepared to pick up other peoples loads *The pay is not good *If you want to eat your lunch during your break, good luck because if you have to warm it up and/or go to the cafe by the time you come back to your desk your break will be over"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"For a company that is in the Luxury industry - This sure is a very unpolished diamond with a ton of dirt "at the top" of a real diamond. The people who make the company are good hard working people with every intention of doing good for the company. However, as uneducated and under qualified as the management team is to lead these people it is bound to continue its poor performance. Some of this might be specific to the RI facility. People's interests take a back seat in every conversation. They strongly encourage a culture of "do as you are told". Very demotivated workforce producing sub-optimal results due to lack of any direction and multiple meaningless changes that affect the employees negatively and has no positive impact on the business in the long run. The management team does not know how to identify talent and wastes every resource at their disposal. Employees are shown a closed HR door when they have issues. Minimal leadership training. No real employee development opportunities. There is no room for diverse perspectives. The results are just as bad as you’d expect."

Current Employee - Production Planner says

"Unqualified and uneducated management but very outspoken. Making impossible for competent people to do their job. Very toxic environment. We cannot hit our numbers with such poor leadership"

Former Employee - Manager says

"when your boss shows you his tinder account and talks about his wife in the same sentence how are you supposed to respect him, god knows what sr. management saw in him to promote him as Director of manufacturing of the Pelham facility, good luck Pelham he is yours now"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor Management. You are a number making numbers. No progression."

Former Employee - Sales Professional says

"Poor management with little to no leadership. Favoritism is rampant. Required second language ability is favored over actual sales skill and experience. This leads to clerkship not sales acumen."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Some of the worst employment discrimination I've ever seen, hostile work environment, Lack of compassion from management and having any backbone to address real issues."

Former Employee - Sales Professional says

"-Work has high school drama/ and many cliques -Management is unrealistic and berating -Sharky environment -Not nice or even acknowledge new employees"

Current Employee - Full Time says

"This company is the most vile and unethical place I have ever had the misfortune of working. The favoritism and politics that plague this company far surpasses anything I have ever seen in retail. From top down, rather than doing the right thing they cover up and hide the truth to benefit themselves. This brand is supposed to be about relationships. Cultivating a lifetime of special moments And milestones with the customers. They are so far from understanding what that means or looks like. They encourage their employees to shake people down to spend their money buying them off with elaborate galas and event tickets. They pit employees against one another under the guise of “healthy competition.” And do nothing to manage poor behavior if the individual is producing money."

Former Employee - 12hr Machine Operator says

"the pay, the way time is kept for overnight workers. Was told i would get a 48hr week and a 36 hour workweek per pay period, but thats not the case. was told i was going to receive 20hrs ot pay per paycheck but only getting less than 12hrs. sacrifice weekends for nothing the employees get no benefits for working weekends. was told we had to work holidays but we get "double pay" all that is is u get paid for working, and then the holiday pay. normal company pay for holiday anyways. upper management and the hr department are completely lost. they do not know what is going on or how things work. night shift guys get fully shafted. company constantly doing layoffs then hiring new people mostly people who speak english as a second language so they can take full advantage of their ignorance."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Old Bond Street needs new management! Please Tiffany HR make the right choices for the store to become better and for the staff to be happy. Tiffany your diamonds sparkle but your management at the store not so much.DiscountSalary"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Horrible! Make sure to lick the *** of the Director, it will keep you in the circle of "friends".Management is a joke! Very toxic place. Never trust anyone here. Leadership doesn't care about employees, they will use you and throw you like you were never a part of the team. If you enjoy to gossip, backstab and make yourself pretty this is a perfect job.Great CompanyLeadership is useless, They are too busy fixing their face with make up and lipstick. No respect to employees, get ready to lick *** if you want to grow this includes backstabbing and gossiping."

Jewelry Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"I was so excited to be hired at Tiffany & Co due to its great global reputation and products. Then reality hit! The pay is low for the amount of work that is expected. Management doesn’t care about employees. Rules have rules. Security guards think they’re superior to the employees and are quite sexist. With LV comes new changes."

Sales Professional (Former Employee) says

"I’ve had better, the money is great. Otherwise choose a family oriented job that will help you grow instead of envying you for having the gift to sell. The older associates hate competition, and will steal your sales! They will get away with it because management does not care. It’s all about the dollar"

Machinsit (Current Employee) says

"Management can't careless than they already do. Human resources don't know how shifts are strctured. Hiring manager lied about amount of hours someone will get week by week."

Luxury Sales (Current Employee) says

"Horrible- been there 10 yrs & in last 2 yrs all has dramatically gone deep into bowels of retail heck with removal of benefits low pay HR brain dead no stock in what sells and buckets of stuff nobody wants. Senior management is focused on stock price only and everything else is out the window . Ratched. ratched.The electricity is still onHR are biased morons Senior Management know zilch Reeds designs are all dogs"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"horrible work-life balance. management is completely confused at what they are supposed to focus on. One day it's your sales goal, the next day is strictly how you interact with the client and make sure to find as much out as possible. not a fair pace in who is up next and no one whats to be held accountable. will expect you to overwork without overtime pay. when I started with the company, the companies work-life balance was amazing. they actually treated you as a person, not a number. now they could care absolutely less about who your name is only what you're bringing into the store. And they make you compete with your own company, meaning its absolutely so easy for a client to purchase something online and return it in the store. whereas other high-end retailers will make you return the way you purchased it. they will hire from outside the company instead of within. and will tell you that you don't have enough experience yet they don't help you grow."

Receiving Associate (Current Employee) says

"New labor management process being implemented where you are trained on all positions. Cannot master position for your title; constant movement which fairs poorly on yearly review making it impossible to exceed except for favorites. No room for growth or promotion except in management.Free snacks, Xmas partiesNo promotions for salary increase"

Security Ambassador/Operations (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessionals everywhere and bad management who didn't believe my resume because they thought I lied. No room for advancement and underpaid and never appreciated. Waste of time. Always treated bad. You're viewed as garbage and not good enough for them regardless of experience they get intimidated because it conflicts with their chance to grow. Management doesn't know how to do anything then says because they don't see you do certain things then they think you don't know how to do it because they spend all day on the computer looking at you tube videos or their kids at day care instead of spending time developing employees, they don't care about you."

Jeweler (Former Employee) says

"This place is nothing but drama. I was here for almost 6 years. Management is terrible! No one cares about you, you’re just a number, they’re abusive and will terminate you with no warning if they need too. Everyone is injured and they send you to a subpar PT and expect you to move on. They force you to work OT, lie to your face, and use you for anything they can. Do NOT work here. This place is a joke and they’re producing terrible jewelry that has holes, is hollow, and doesn’t meet standard.Some good coworkersLying management, drama, threats from management, etc."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Tiffany and Company management do not promote healthy and collaborative work environment. The company is understaffed, therefore current employees are spread thin."

Jeweler (Former Employee) says

"The only people Tiffany & Co care less about than their employees are their customers. They churn out an ever-increasing number of pieces with ever- diminishing quality of stones and castings. Well over 50% of the workers in the facility have a work-related injury with no changes to remedy the conditions. Workers Comp is handled by an outright criminally negligent, or just plain fraudulent vendor. Pay is low to start and raises are minimal at best... frequently non-existent. Sales are plummeting with good reason. The customer base is dying off and not being replaced by younger customers... not that that matters given the cost and poor customer ratings for both experience and quality. Do not take a job with Tiffany & Co.Good people at the local Lexington FacilityTerrible management, bad business practices, poor employee care."

Seasonal Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Never ever work at Bondi Junction in Sydney. Horrible atmosphere, no room for personal growth. Management treats employees badly, especially seasonal workers."

Purchasing and Planning Agent (Former Employee) says

"I was wondering why the permanent employees were saying I was a veteran because I made it two weeks at the company. I quickly realized, the environment made you feel like you were in a prison even on lunch break, the outside area was fenced in like you were being confined and you are limited with the dress code. No cell phones were allowed unless you were in management.NoneHorrible working environment, the employee cubicles and chairs were uncomfortable and aged."

Seasonal Sales & Operations Professional (Former Employee) says

"When you interview for this job they will tell you it is sales, $14 hr plus 1% commission. What it REALLY is : some minor sales some operations. You make $14 hr HOWEVER, they also tell you not to "sell over the full time sales team" meaning you can't sell anything until everyone else is busy and even then, if you are in the middle of a sale and a full time SP comes up to you and says "can I help you with anything?" you are supposed to give them the sale. I don't know what customer would want to be treated that way. Management is ridiculous. Working there was a joke. The most you will ever make is about $16 Hr..and that is if they don't stick you in the back in operations. The only good thing is the company E-Store discount (Which they cut off the SECOND you walk out on your last day.)Discounteverything else"

Direct Sales and customer service (Former Employee) says

"People aka other employees are very nice. Management is a joke. Everyone walks around like they are on xanex. Hired through a temp agency that gave wrong information on working from home. No chance for permanent position. Training was childish. Overall a bad experience except for co - workers.nice co-workersbad management, have capability to work from home but do not use"

Encargada (Former Employee) says

"Relación intrapersonales con clientes , ventas directas , ejecución efectiva, logro de objetivos comerciales, ventas con preguntas especificas para el cierre, posicionamiento del mercado nacional a una empresa internacional , logrando una interacción con las demás tiendas de todo el mundo , Desarrollo Profesional muy enriquecedor al tener contacto con tiendas de todo el mundo, Adquiriendo experiencia de distintos comportamientos de los consumidores.Salario para poder vivir bienSe trabajaba todoslo dias"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"The review of this company is simple. The less you know the further you go. The higher the person you know is the better your time at Tiffany's will be. If management talks directly to you it's a miracle, otherwise you'll never hear about a situation and be able to handle it properly. The company used to be great but has since fallen off and become a joke. Don't waste your time working here, the blatant lack of respect and extreme expectations with lack of compensation is enough to drive anyone mad. Also to anyone reading and hoping to work here, no matter what the customer will win over you. They could tell you 2+2=5 and if they make enough noise management will tell you 2+2=5.Non management level employees are nice, good discountEverything else"

Sales (Current Employee) says

"My review is NOT based in rants but facts.Worse treatment of HR issues by HR!I had issues with a co-worker. Filed a total of three HR complaints against the same person. I later found out HR moved this person from store to store to deal with them and FOUR other co-workers filed complaints against the person, all with no luck.I was treated with such disrespect from upper and division management for unrelated issues.Never was allowed two straight days off.(the entire store)Tiffany had a restructure of its work force, making some departments do other departments work. Endured zero payment for this training nor would they NOT pay more for doing more. I did point out that this is not in my job description. Coincidentally, in two weeks, HR changed the job description. I did keep a copy for my records of the original job description for my records and to prove my point.They; Tiffany & Co does under pay. I found this info via this site as well.Save yourself the problem. DO NOT WORK for this company, just buy their jeweleryemployee discount, upto 90% in employee storeread my review."

Customer Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"interacting with customers was great for me. Management was horrible."

Olga Carlson says

"Just recently i ordered charm and never got it!! Dont buy anything there!! They are very rud to customers!!!"

Consumer says

"Love heart earrings blue enamel peeling off after 4 months. Sent in for repair and they said heat caused the peeling? They wanted me to pay $35 for repair +tax and $20 shipping. High end jewelry should last more than 4 months and ALL wear and tear should be covered for less than a year of use. Maybe it's a defective product. Almost a month later still waiting on a manager call back."

David says

"Hunting for a new birthday gift for my wife after I had been let down by another company, I needed a quick delivery. Tiffany & Co. seemed to have just the thing. I placed my order on the website and was looking forward to the promised three day standard delivery - which while tight, would have been fine. Ten days and two phone calls with revised promised delivery dates later, I was told that the item was “now out of stock, with no firm ETA”. Fortunately I have an understanding wife and I really do get that Covid is making everything difficult at the moment but this was so avoidable."

Ellie says

"Very disappointed, my boyfriend got me the Tiffany love heart bead bracelet for my 18th birthday I’ve only had it 3 months and it’s broke! I looked after it completely so this should not of happened. I emailed them and they want £35 for it to be fixed! Sent it off a month ago and only just heard back. Very disappointed with the quality of the bracelet and the lack of service they provide."

Magda Szatanik Boudni says

"Scam scam scam. I ordered a braisolate and never get one. My card was charged...and now trying to avoid the transaction."

Afif Haddar says

"I went to the tiffany and co store to exchange a bracelet for a necklace and earrings. The earrings were out of stock throughout singapore in store and online. I then, could only take the necklace. The only problem was that there was $130 that were not accounted for in the exchange. I could not get them refunded onto my card. The store is forcing me to buy another gift. It’s a trap. Even stores that are not luxury stores offer refunds, this really gives a bad image of the brand tiffany and co. I personally was very disappointed because I am a loyal customer and have been for years. This store lives to serve themselves and not the customers. The whole experience was distant and unpleasant. Tiffany and co has completely lost my trust and i will not be going there ever again. These kinds of traps only work once and not twice! They wanted to force me to come back use the voucher. I have left the voucher on their desk. After that I was 100% sure that I wouldn’t be coming back...ever. They wanted to look like a luxury brand but they can't even offer what everybody offers. A decent customer experience."

Mike Moulds says

"Ordered £1400 diamond ear rings fo my wife birthday on a Monday morning for delivery tracked delivery Tuesday by 9am. (Wife birthday Saturday) Never arrived called and e mailed 5 times and still never arrived. Customer service never rang back when specifically asked to for update. Two weeks late and they have still not arrived, nobody answering mails or phone lines. So £1400 down and two weeks later no ear rings. Totally shocking. Give your money to the local jewellers in your area, this company does not deserve its custom."

Aubrey Abbott says

"Ordered a ring for my 17 year old daughter for Christmas. In ordering it was the wrong ring size. I ordered after midnight, once I realized the order was wrong I emailed them 2 min after ordering and said I need the ring size changed. They email back stating "its gone to engraving and they can't do anything" so what i take from this is they don't read their emails, so why have it? I was willing to spend a lot more here but not now"

Christina Simeonides says

"I lost my favourite Tiffany ring and would like to replace it, however I don’t believe I should be paying $250 more than what I paid only 7 years ago!!!!! They can’t be serious!!! 7 years ago I paid $340, and now the price for exactly the same ring is $595!!!! $595 for a bit of sterling silver with a Tiffany stamp!!!! Inflation on steroids...."

Anneke says

"Sold me a supposedly rose gold ring for over 600 USD (after being treated extremely bad in the store in Zurich, Switzerland), and when it was cleaned (at Tiffany & Co in the US) the 'rose gold' came off. They said "oh weird, never happens". Sure enough, I got a new version of the same ring and it happened again. Absolutely appalling - both the service and their products. Never bought anything there again."

Caz Derby says

"During this year l have made several purchases online. On two occasions unfortunately l have had to return an item. I do not have access to a printer so l rang customer services. Most unhelpful and didn’t have any alternative way for me to return my parcel free of charge . The excuse was COVID-19 of course why they couldn’t send me a returns label. I find it very disappointing that such a large company selling a quality and more expensive product do not have another way for customers ( especially regular customers) to return there items at no cost to themselves. COVID has been with us now for 8 months and here we are if you can’t print off your own return label then the whole shopping experience will cost you far more than you’d expected . So far l have paid out £17 on postage and insurance .Not at all what l expected from Tiffany &co."

Natalia Barker says

"I purchased a gift card over the phone as you can’t order online & there are no stores near to where I live to go in & purchase and had to pay $25AU for delivery. When I asked why it cost so much the lady said it was a card not a piece of paper. I still think that is was too much to pay for delivery of a gift certificate."

Dmitry Vologzhanin says

"Terrible site, for two days in a row I was trying to buy presents and enter the gift message. Each time when I clicked Continue it would go to white screen. It is taking me to payment screen if I don't enter gift message, but that's not what I want!"

scott joyner says

"My partner and I went to Tiffany in Harrods London to purchase my partners Christmas present. Should have been a nice experience, wasn't expecting vip but manners and feeling welcome would have been nice. Met with arrogance from the lady at the entrance who ordered us around, bit harsh and when asking to see the said piece from the middle aged man (was going to say gentleman but it doesn't apply) we got the impression he was looking down his nose at us with no interest, a face like stone and an air of hierarchy. Felt judged even though we were dressed smart and usually get well received from other designer labels stores. Reading reviews it seems Tiffany really has a staff issue. If I was Tiffany I'd be concerned and address. You missed out on alot of money being spent that day because of an awful shopping experience purely due to your Harrods staffs attitude. Perhaps it's time you mystery shopped. Your aloof staff are turning people off your brand. Read the reviews"

Lina Sophia says

"AWFUL! Will never buy anything from Tiffany again. - horrible quality! The little heart charm fell off the bracelet (for no reason!) They told me it would take 4 weeks and cost 40€ to put it back on 😂 - worst customer service ever. Arrogant + rude. There is so much wrong with this company and I honestly feel embarrassed to wear my Tiffany jewelry"

Susanne Hartenstine says

"Aweful quality of the bracelet, beads were missing and I couldn’t close it. Sent for repair and they want to charge $60. Customer service unavailable, gave up after being 40 min on hold. So sad this once amazing company is run by complete greedy and incompetent people."

Alisha says

"Returned an item to the Westfield store, was told it needed to be sent to the Old Bond St store (where I had purchased the item). Was told it would take approx 1 week for them to send it over and for the refund to be processed. Over 3 weeks later no refund. I have repeatedly tried contacting Old Bond St store and no one ever answers the phone. I’ve emailed management and have had no response. Customer service told me it is generally very difficult to get in contact with the Old Bond St store, even they tried to email them on my behalf and no response. I can’t go into the store myself as it is closed over lockdown. Will be escalating this further. Absolutely did not expect such shocking service from such a reputable company."

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